The drink has a very attractive orangey pink color. The nose make you think back to the last farmer‘s market that you have been to!! The mouth is an unforgettable and unique flavor – it has a little of every sense …..The sweet of the vodka and the pineapple; the bite of the grapefruit juice, the acid of the lemon and the beautiful earthy aftertaste of the bell pepper!!!!


We are talking of a refreshing drink of Spanish Tradition with a warm red color and a lot of Mediterranean perfumes mixed to the fresh one given it from the fruits. The taste is fresh, medium alcoholic with intense peach aromas accentuated from the one of the wine.


We are talking of a variation of a refreshing drink of Brasilian tradition ”Caipirina” the color is a very charming green with red veins. The nose is very Caribbean; the taste is sweet with a balanced and unique spice kick at the end.