The color is Yellow /Green, warm Medium Sweet. The drink needs well ripened lychees so that the smell will be vanilla with sour notes given it from the typical acidity of the green Apple .Those intense aromas are present not only on the smell but in the taste as well, making it a good after dinner drink.


The strong power of the vodka and the acidity of the lemon mellow the strong taste of the tomato that is highlighted from the warmness of the spices and the exotic sauces.

This is a complex drink, very different. Good as pre-dinner drink as well as paired to a savory plate.


The drink has a beautiful greenish yellow color and a flowing texture from the floating cucumber seeds. The perfume is very inviting. Between the fresh vegetal note we can easy recognize the fresh pineapple. The taste is soft, light, refreshing and very balanced. Seriously, perfects match after a nice and relaxing spa treatment!