Burgundy color with amber rifles done from the balsamic glaze drizzled in the glass – has a clear perfume of Vanilla and pretty strong acidity notes We are talking about a great refreshing drink due to the presence of lime, sugar, and balsamic vinegar very well balanced together . A beautiful clean and unusual aftertaste that lives your mouth ready for the next sip!!!


The color is a sexy light green with dark green veins; the perfume is strongly dominated by the rosemary. The drink is pretty thick, almost oily, but very tasty and well-balanced.


The color is pallid yellow, almost white with green reflections. The body is big for the thickness of the pear pulp. It has an intense flavor of pear lemon and sugar that are easy to distinguish in the mouth and they blend together giving a fresh taste, a little alcoholic and astringent. Perfect summery drink to enjoy under the sun in a pool chair!

Listen to Jacopo make this drink with Zane Lamprey.