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Recently celebrating its 150th anniversary [Watch the video capturing this celebration here], Martini vermouth is one of the largest and most recognizable vermouth brands in the world. With the cocktail revolution in full swing, serving up Martinis, Manhattans, and Negronis by the bucketful, you’d think that Martini would be resting on its laurels, but it isn’t. Although Martini is still king of the hill, it has lost some mindshare, especially in the craft cocktail community, to smaller brands like Dolin and Carpano.


Ice plays a crucial role in cocktail making. Not only does it chill a drink, but it also releases water into the cocktail, binding the ingredients, smoothing out the flavor, and taking the edge off the base spirit.

Today, many craft-cocktail bartenders are getting fancy with ice. In some bars, giant blocks of ice are chiseled and carved into large chunks, tall cylinders (for highballs), spheres, and cubes. In the hands of a deft bartender, ice becomes an element of showmanship.


An Arnold Palmer is a beverage of iced tea and lemonade, named after American golfer Arnold Palmer.[1][2][3] An alcoholic version of the "Arnold Palmer" (generally made with vodka) is called a John Daly.[4]