Over the years, cocktail garnishes have become increasingly extravagant, demonstrating a bartender’s creative skill and adding a touch of theatre to the cocktail-making experience.

However, some bartenders prefer to focus on the balance and quality of the drink itself, opting for simple, or even pre-bottled serves. Some go further to claim that extravagant garnished can detract from the quality of the drink itself.

How The Prohibition Era Shaped The Way We Drink Today

The dark age of the cocktail in the United States
The U.S. went through a bleak period in cocktail culture in the 1920s. Prohibition had hit and most bartenders changed professions or moved to other countries to continue their trade at the high level at which they were once accustomed. Speakeasies across America served moonshine and bathtub gin to undiscerning customers, while the upper classes had stockpiled their cellars (how very wise of them).