7 tips for great cocktail pictures

If you’ve ever felt inspired to photograph your favorite summer beverage, Offset artist Adrian Mueller has a few tips to help you craft the perfect cocktail image. Photographing drinks isn’t as difficult as it sounds, as long as you’re willing to think about precision and experiment in the process.

We invited Mueller to lead a workshop outlining 7 easy steps for getting the perfect cocktail shot. Watch his video below for inspiration, then follow the step-by-step tutorial to create your own beautiful cocktail photos.

Step 1: Select the Perfect Surface

Look for any dust, scratches, or blemishes that might show up in the final shot.

Getting it right within your camera is key — you don’t want to spend all your time in the digital darkroom!

offset_comp_225813_Image01An old fashioned cocktail on a stack of vintage books by Joann Pai

Step 2: Set a Light Source or Window Directly Behind the Drink

This will help illuminate the glass’s contents. Just don’t line the camera up directly in line with the light source.

offset_comp_251272_Image02Tall pickled cherry beer cocktail by Paritha Wannawanit

Step 3: Put a Second Light Source to One Side of the Glass

You can also stage the shoot in a corner with windows on two sides. This eliminates unwanted shadows and defines the edge of the glass.

offset_comp_187028_Image03Grapefruit cocktail with gin and vodka by Tara Donne

Step 4: Make Your Own Clear Ice

This is one easy way to be your own stylist and create a clean look. Simply boil water and freeze it in tupperware, then break the ice blocks into chunks.

offset_comp_201047_Image04Scotch brandy cocktail in glass and pitcher by Mark Weinberg

Step 5: Pour in the Liquid

Use a funnel to avoid spilling, or pour along the back of the glass to hide splatter.

offset_comp_188187_Image05Berry margarita served in sugar-rimmed glasses by Gozde Durusoy

Step 6: Light the Drink from the Front with a Bounce Card

This will add a subtle fill light to the image. You can also use a mirror to accent the sides.

offset_comp_128267Cocktail with a straw by Felicia Perretti

Step 7: Use a Spray Bottle to Create Your Own Condensation

This is just another to be your own stylist and create professional-looking photos.

offset_comp_254737A Long Island Iced Tea in a glass by Adrian Mueller