The color is light pastel pink; the perfume is strongly dominated by the distinguished bubblegum flavor and the sweetness from the melted cotton candy smartly balances the acidity of the limes. This drink is delicious…sexy and hip and the presentation will delight even the most stuffy of cocktail connoisseurs!!  SALUTE!


1/2 oz. Bubblegum Infused Vodk

3/4 oz. Simple Syrup

3 Lime wedges

2 mint leaves

Cotton candy (enough to fill a martini glass )


How do you make the Bubblegum Vodka? Couldn’t be easier! Since vodka is a spirit, it has the characteristic to extract the flavors of any ingredient you put it in contact with.  With that being said, you just need to place (one by one) about 20 pieces of bubblegum (preferably pink) in your favorite brand of vodka. Remember, your vodka will adopt the color of bubble gum as well as the flavor. Leave it alone for 12-24 hours…. you are making magic happen! Here we go— your Bubblegum Vodka is ready! 

Place the three lime wedges and mint leaves in a rocks glass. Now add  3/4 oz. simple syrup. Muddle to bring out the refreshing minty aroma. You should now have a light green colored pulp in your glass- taste it for balance. Next, add your unique homemade Bubblegum Vodka.  Now fill your glass with ice, shake it hard for 5 fast seconds and serve it in a nice carafe or wine decanter (as seen in photo.)  Place cotton candy in the martini glass and slowly pour your cocktail in. The cotton candy will melt and the flavors will mix…. making  you feel like a kid in a candy store! All that’s left is to sip and enjoy the pristine pink perfection.