…..This is spicy!!!! The drink is opaque green with a unique and strong nose. The mouth has a simultaneous sensation of fiery wasabi and refreshing lemon.

All of the ingredients in this recipe are useful to cleanse your palate. That’s why this drink is the perfect pairing for fish based dishes.


1 ½ oz (6 ct) Vodka or pepper vodka

¾ oz (3 ct) fresh squeeze lemon juice

¾ oz (3 ct) simple syrup or ginger syrup

1 pea of wasabi paste


Place the wasabi paste in a mixing glass.  Pour the simple syrup and the lemon juice and with a mixing spoon gently stir and add the Vodka. Fill the shaker with ice and shake it briskly, then strain it into a frozen martini glass.

Preparation Steps (Click):