The color is light yellow with green specks, the smell is of tropical fruits, the taste is pretty dry, fresh and quenching, with unique aroma and juniper berry scent.


1 ½ oz (6ct) Gin

1 oz (4ct) Pineapple Puree

½ oz (2ct) Ginger Syrup

8 to 12 Mint Leaves

2 spoons of brown sugar

2 Lime wedge


1 Watermelom



In a mixing glass muddle the mint with the lime wedge and the brown sugar. Once you make a uniform pulp, add all the ingredients listed in the recipe.  Fill your shaker with ice, shake it hard and strain into a chilled Martini glass.


A nice touch will be to add at the bottom green mint liquor to create the nice contrast in color as the picture shows.

Preparation Steps (Click):