This is a refreshing drink inspired from a famous one of Brazilian tradition “the Caipirinia”. The color is purple, with dark veins; the perfume is strongly dominated by the Caribbean essence of lime and balanced from the delicate thyme fragrance. The drink is thick and pulpy , very tasty and well-balanced.


1 ½ oz (6 ct) Chacaca or black berry vodka

¾ oz (3 ct) simple syrup

3 lime wedge (half lime)

1 thyme sprig

3 black berries

1 Yellow Melon


Take three lime wedges and place them in a rock glass with ¾ oz simple syrup. Add the Blackberries and the thyme. Muddle to bring the aroma out of your spices. You should now have a pulp with a purplish color in your glass – taste it for balance. Need more sugar or acid? Let’s keep going! Continue by adding the 1 ½ oz of Cachaca . Now fill your glass with ice, shake it hard and serve it in a nice rock glass. The good part of this drink is the smashed fruit floating so make sure you do not strain it!

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