The pleasure found in sipping from this drink comes from a delicate and balanced combination of strong coffee flavors and smoothe yet rich interaction between the liquor and the cream


3/4 oz or( 3ct )Vanilla Vodka

1/2 oz or ( 2ct )Irish Cream

1/2 oz or ( 2ct) Kahlua

1 Shot of Espresso (chilled)

¼ oz or(1ct )Whipped Cream


First step …….buy or even better make if you can a nice cup of espresso at home once you have that…. drink it !because if you are like me you will not be able to resist it!

Joke a side …..poor into the mixing glass the ingredient following the recipies ……..shake It well and strain it into a chilled chocolate rimmed and chocolate drizzled martini glass or cognac balloon

Preparation Steps (Click):