The drink has a beautiful greenish yellow color and a flowing texture from the floating cucumber seeds. The perfume is very inviting. Between the fresh vegetal note we can easy recognize the fresh pineapple. The taste is soft, light, refreshing and very balanced. Seriously, perfects match after a nice and relaxing spa treatment!


1 ¼ oz (5ct) Pear vodka

¾ oz (3ct) Triple sec

½ oz (2ct) Pineapple Puree

2ct Homemade Sweet and Sour

1 squeeze of lemon

Handful of diced cucumbers

6 sage leaves

1 zucchini squash


Are you ready to make your guest foam at the mouth? Lets go! Place in the mixing glass the diced cucumbers. Add 2 ct of Sweet and sour and muddle well. Make sure that the cucumber pulls out all the juice and the watery parts. Once you create the base following the recipe, start pouring all the ingredients. Remember that you already used the 2 ct of Sweet and Sour. Don’t pour them again, otherwise you drink will be pretty tart!

Shake it ….shake it and serve it in a nice chilled and green rimmed Martini glass.


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