We are talking of a refreshing drink of Spanish Tradition with a warm red color and a lot of Mediterranean perfumes mixed to the fresh one given it from the fruits. The taste is fresh, medium alcoholic with intense peach aromas accentuated from the one of the wine.


2ct (1/2 oz) Marsala wine

2ct (1/2 oz) Port wine or Vodka

1ct (1/4 oz) Pineapple Puree

1ct (1/4 oz) Peach Puree

1ct (1/4 oz) Banana Liquor

1ct (1/4 oz) Peach Liquor

4ct ( 1 oz) Red Wine

Fresh raspberries, cherries, lime wedge, orange slice, and lemon slice

2 Oranges


Directly in a Goblet glass full of ice start with the Marsala and follow the recipe. Make sure you pour the wine as the last ingredient because it will create a separation effect that looks very good in the glass. You can leave it like that or serve it with a stir. An important part of the whole drink is the fresh fruit. Be generous with that to give a yummy look to the all glass!

23:Red Sangria
Listen to Jacopo make this drink with Zane Lamprey.

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