We are talking of a variation of a refreshing drink of Brasilian tradition ”Caipirina” the color is a very charming green with red veins. The nose is very Caribbean; the taste is sweet with a balanced and unique spice kick at the end.


1 ½ oz (6ct) pitu cachaca

¾ oz (3ct) pineapple puree

2 teaspoons of brown sugar

2 lime wedge (1/3 lime)

2 Red Jalapeno or green

2 cherries

1 Dikon Ruth

15/20 Cloves


Take your lime, half a jalapeno depending on how spicy you like and 2 spoons of brown sugar. Muddle them so that the jalapeno can add enough spiciness to the drink. Pour the cachaca followed by the pineapple puree. Shake well and serve in a cold, sugar rimmed martini Glass.
11:Brazilian Blowout
Listen to Jacopo make this drink with Zane Lamprey.

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