The drink must look as crisp as possible to give an immediate SENSE OF REFRESHMENT. The nose is of rich herbs and spices and the mouth is an explosion of strong flavors. As we say, you’ll love it or you’ll hate it!


2 ¾ oz (11ct) Gin/Vodka

¼ oz (1ct) Dry Vermouth

2 Olives

1 Radish

2 cloves


We prepare it in a mixing glass with ice, DO NOT shake it!!! Never shake vermouth or it will loose the unique aroma! Squeeze a lemon peel on the surface so that the essential oils come out and give a nice refreshing after taste. Serve in a chilled Martini glass with olives ………well if you really want to be fancy, do it like we do, stick your stem-less martini glass in a glass full of ice water to keep the martini cold and to keep the garnish nice and fresh!!!

Preparation Steps (Click):