Burgundy color with amber rifles done from the balsamic glaze drizzled in the glass – has a clear perfume of Vanilla and pretty strong acidity notes We are talking about a great refreshing drink due to the presence of lime, sugar, and balsamic vinegar very well balanced together . A beautiful clean and unusual aftertaste that lives your mouth ready for the next sip!!!


1 ½ oz (6ct) Vanilla Rum
¾ oz (3ct) Simple Syrup
½ oz (2ct) Strawberry Puree
3 Small Strawberries
4 lime wedges
12-15 Dashes of Aged Balsamic Vinegar
1 Squash
Balsamic Glaze


Take three strawberries, make sure they are nicely washed and the stem is removed. Place them in the mixing glass and add a lime wedge and the ¾ oz of simple syrup, 12/15 dashes of Balsamic Vinegar, and ½ oz of the home made simple syrup and start muddling. The muddling process is done while you are pressing the lime so the unique flavor of the essential oil contained in the skin comes out ……be careful to not over do it because it will result in bitter Minestrone!!!!!
Now we have a nice puree …….but where is the alcohol? Here it is! Rum – Add 1 ½ oz and it is time to fill the shaker with ice (and when I say fill, I mean fill! The less ice you put in your shaker, the more watered down your drink will be….is physics!) Then, pour the mix into the shaker and start shaking! Strain into a balsamic glaze drizzled martini glass.

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