The color is a sexy light green with dark green veins; the perfume is strongly dominated by the rosemary. The drink is pretty thick, almost oily, but very tasty and well-balanced.


1 ½ oz. (6ct) Light Rum
½ oz (2ct) Amaretto Disaronno
1 rosemary sprig
3 lime wedge (½ lime)
1 ½ teaspoons of brown or white granulated sugar
½ oz soda water
1 Watermelon


Take three lime wedges and place them with one and a half teaspoons of brown sugar (once you’ve tried this, you can adjust the amount of sugar depending on how sweet you like your drinks). This kind of sugar can be found in the market in different varietals, but the best result will be from brown sugar crystal. Add the rosemary and muddle to bring the entire aroma out of your spices. You should now have a juice with a greenish color in your glass, take a nice smell!! We’re half way there! Continue by adding the ounce and a half of light rum, and finish by adding a half ounce of the #1 Italian liquor, Amaretto Disaronno. Shake it hard with ice to release even more flavor, and serve it in a long drink glass filled with crushed ice.

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