The color is pallid yellow, almost white with green reflections. The body is big for the thickness of the pear pulp. It has an intense flavor of pear lemon and sugar that are easy to distinguish in the mouth and they blend together giving a fresh taste, a little alcoholic and astringent. Perfect summery drink to enjoy under the sun in a pool chair!

Listen to Jacopo make this drink with Zane Lamprey.


1 ¼ oz (5ct) Pear Vodka
1 oz (4ct) Fresh pear nectar
½ oz (2ct) Home made sweet and sour
¼ oz (1ct) Triple sec
1 Lime Wedge (squeezed)
One Bosc Pear
One Cantaloupe Melon
Cinnamon powder
White Sugar


Grab the mixing glass and pour 5 ct of infused pear vodka then 4 count of pear nectar. Make sure it is nectar and not juice otherwise your drink will be runny and flavorless instead of smooth and slick. Now add 2 ct of sweet and sour. For the drink to have the best result it has to be made with the best products! This being said would you ever use anything that is not fresh fruit?
So let’s take the simple syrup that we made for the Balsamic Martini do you remember?
Ok now we mix one 16 ounces of fresh squeezed lemon juice with 16 ounces of simple syrup ……….ok do you remember we were making a drink? Our mixing glass is there waiting for us!!!!! Finish pouring one count of triple sec and a squeeze of lime wedge, drop the lime in the mix and fill the shaker with ice pour the mix from the mixing glass to the shaker and let’s shake it baby!

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